Two people arrested in Trincomalee with Kerala cannabis

Two male arrested cannabis coughted

(Two male arrested cannabis coughted)
Police have arrested two persons today (25) in connection with the alleged involvement of Kerala cannabis in the city of Trincomalee.

Trincomalee Regional Drug Prevention Division initiated a round up accoding a secret message that it was engaged in the sale of Kerala cannabis.

Police said that Ravindran Indirajit (39) of the same place was accompanied by 30 Kerala cannabis packets.

At the same time, 817 Grams of Kerala cannabis were found to be grabbing the culverts when they were able to circulate the information received by the Special Police Action Force in shardaburam.

The arrested was identified as Karthikesu Vidhinathan (24) from Trincomalee in Anbuvazlipuram area.

The head of the police told the police that they will be detained in front of the Trincomalee Magistrate.

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