French boy who taught many Sri Lankans a lesson

French Boy cleaning Galle Fort area Colombo

(French Boy cleaning Galle Fort area Colombo)

Even though scientific-based activities are being taken to remove garbage in the City of Colombo, some of the groups have been purposely throwing garbage in many other places.

Meanwhile, a French boy who visited Sri Lanka on a tourist Visa, seen cleaning the garbage from the Galle Fort area and made everyone surprise.

This tourist boy carrying a black bag in Galle Fort was cleaning the garbage

The locals who had seen this, had questioned the activity of the boy and the boy had replied them that “Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and it is a duty to keep it clean.

Despite the government’s measures to keep the city clean and insisting to to support them these things take place.

Program to collect recyclable and non recyclable waste separately, still some people not co-operating with it.

This causes a great impact on environmental and people living in the Colombo Municipal Council.

Due to this the Colombo Municipal Commissioner said that the action will be taken with the help of the police and the military to bring such persons to the law enforcement authorities.

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