“How I killed the old woman” : Suspect reveals the account of murder

Jaffna 72 Year Old Woman Murder statement

(Jaffna 72 Year Old Woman Murder statement)

Why killed a 72-year- old woman : 21-year- old young man’s shocking statement

A 72-year- old woman was beaten to death at a Aarukaal madam area in Anaikotai in Jaffna last Sunday.

Police arrested a 21-year- old suspect from the same area on the 24th of this month with the help of a CCTV video in the area.

The arrested person was addicted to drugs and the shocking information was revealed in his investigations.

The suspect In the confession said,

“I am addicted to drugs , and used to buy drugs from a pharmacy in Jaffna. He did not have money to buy drugs on the day of the incident.

So I went to my grandmother’s home near my house.

Grandmother was watching television there. She did not even notice me coming. Immediately, I took a chair near the grandmother and hit on her head.

When she fell down, I took two rings and bangles and went away.

I went to a friend of mine in Sandilipay – Konawalai and gave the jewelry and ask for 15,000/- rupees.

But he gave only 5 thousand rupees and said he will give the balance on the following day.

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