You are LTTE, take him to the military hospital: ‘Brutal Racist’ attack on Tamil student

Jaffna university tamil Student Attacked

Jaffna university tamil student attacked

A Tamil student who was staying at the university student hotel was attacked by some Sinhala students. This incident has taken place at the Jaffna University located in Vavuniya Pampaimadu.

The first year of the science faculty, a Tamil student was attacked by the second year Sinhalese students around night 9’o clock.

When fellow students were trying to take the injured student to hospital the Sinhala students told them, that he was LTTE take him to a military hospital.

Thus they started a heated argument between them when Hostel Warden came there, all of them dispersed.

A complaint has been lodged with the Vavuniya Police Station.

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