Athaullah slams Ranil!

Athaullah slams Ranil Kalmunai meeting

Athaullah slams Ranil Kalmunai meeting

“It has come to light that Ranil is the world’s biggest robber. He has got caught to the sword attack of our President Maithripala Sirisena. So, Ranil will lose his Prime Minister post soon” says, the leader of the National Congress, A. L. M. Athaullah.

He made this statement at an election rally held in Kalmunnai area.

Speaking further he added;

West, Ranil and Prabharan knew that they can not enter here. Today Ranil’s real picture has come to light. Ranil is world’s biggest robber. It has now come to light.

The curse of Ashraff and Myself has succeeded . He is not only an enemy to the country but also to the entire country.

So Muslims should reject Ranil and Hakeem but can not accept Rishard from Vanni for that. He is also betraying the Muslims like Hakeem.

It has taken 17 years for the Hassan Ali to realize who Hakeem is. So, don’t know how long they need to understand Rishard. We should buy Hassan Ali an feeding bottle and a teat, “ he added.

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