A threat that an island may be destroyed in Sri Lanka: 150 families living in fear

Muthupanthiya island coastal erosion

(Muthupanthiya island coastal erosion)

The people of the area say that Sri Lanka will soon lose the Muthupanthiya island, which is in Chilaw- Aarricikkittu area.

This threat is due to the coastal erosion occuring around the Muthupanthiya island, which is located in 500 metres away from the coast

About 150 families live in this island, whose livelihood is fishing.

In the past, the rocks were laid around the island to protect from the sea. However, people
from the island said they were worthless attempts.

It is noteworthy that the sea level has increased rapidly because of the construction of the Colombo Port City, which is located in Colombo’s Galle Face.

Furthermore, the fish breeding in Negombo area also is also affected.

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