Elephant Attack : Bellanwila Wimalarathana thero passes away

Bellanwila Wimalarathana thero passes away

(Bellanwila Wimalarathana thero passes away)

Venerable Bellanwila Wimalarathana thero passed away at a private hospital in Colombo,

He was attacked by the temple elephant yesterday and later admitted to hospital.

It was reported that the elephant named Milenmara Kumara of the Bellanwila Vihara attacked the Professor Bellanwila Wimalarathana Thero.

Thero, who suffered serious injuries in the elephant attack, has been admitted to the South Teaching Hospital. Hospital sources said that the ribcage has been affected by the attack.

However, some other sources had told that it was an accidet, and the thero was not attacked by elephant.

Elephant attacks monk while feeding: Incident in Bellanwila


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